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Lennard Electronics Ltd

Matrix Orbital LCD Test Software | Navigation Software | UDP to Serial bridge | ASCII-HEX-BINARY converter

Matrix Orbital LCD Test software:

Matrix Orbital (of Canada eh!) produce a range of easy to use, and feature rich LCDs, ranging from simple alpha-numeric through to graphic touch screens with millions of colours.

This is a useful program for putting your Matrix Orbital LCD through it's paces. I have tested this software with a number of displays, and it works with them all. If you have a display that this software doesn't seem to work with, send a message. Displays I have tried:


  • LK202-25
  • LCD2041
  • LK162B-7T


  • GLK12232

Graphic Touch:

  • GLT240128
  • GTT480272A
  • GTT43A
  • GTT50A

Some displays require CTS/RTS enabled (or shorted on the display) in order for some features to work.

  • Mac version Matrix Orbital LCD Tester
  • Unzip, and copy all files to the same folder.
  • Mac version recompiled for Windows Matrix Orbital LCD Tester for Windows
  • Looks the same as the Mac version

Navigation Software:

(above screen shot shows two fields specific to a build for a NZ research company. The release on this page will support the Airmar units to display weather as well as GPS information)

Coming soon! This software gives you your Lat and Long, and shows you on a map where you are, and where you have been.

You can also

  • Save your track to a log
  • Enter way points and locations
  • Log transects
  • Log Marks
  • Display, log, and graph weather

I wrote it so I could see where I was when out on long sea trips. It does not calculate the quickest route from A to B for you, but it does show you where you are and where you can go (assuming you have loaded an appropriate map).

UDP to Serial Bridge:

This utility receives data via UDP packets on an Ethernet/Wifi Network, and transfers the data to a serial port. Data received on a serial port is transmitted via UDP on the Ethernet/Wifi Network.

You can also send messages from the program out of either a UDP port or serial port.

Very useful for testing micro-controller systems, etc. that you might want to make Ethernet/Wifi capable.

  • Mac version Mac-UDP serial bridge
  • Unzip, and copy all files to the same folder.
  • Mac version recompiled for Windows Windows-UDP serial bridge
  • Looks the same as the Mac version
  • For both versions: If you do not have a serial port installed, the program will complain. Install a serial port, and restart the program. The preferred serial port can be selected via a drop down menu in the program, or you can manually edit line two of the preferences file.


This is a very useful application for figuring out the ascii value of a character in decimal, hexadecimal, or binary.

Windows version.