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Lennard Electronics Ltd

Software for embedded systems, Macintosh, Linux, or Windows

As part of our circuit design service, if your product involves a Microcontroller we can write the code to make it work, if you haven't already got the skills to program the device yourself once the circuit is built.

We are experienced in the following Microcontrollers:

  • Silicon labs C8051Fxxx series
  • Atmel ATmega, 90Sxxx
  • Arduino
  • Basic Stamp

If your project requires a supporting application on a Mac, Linux, or Windows desktop/laptop PC, we can write that software for you as well.

This example is support software for a Bird Tag Logger.

Or, we can design Software that interfaces with systems that already exist.

This example, is a Macintosh and Windows application that listens to GPS data on a ship's network, or can take data from a GPS via a serial port.

Image shows the Macintosh version.

Want to know more? Please contact us.